Dreaming of the Sun II

Adult Burrowing Owl in flightAdult Burrowing Owl in flight – D200, f6.3, 1/1500, ISO 400, +0.7 EV, Nikkor 200-400mm VR with 1.4x TC at 400mm, natural light, not baited

A while back I wrote about D.O.T.S. (dreaming of the sun) and D.W.B. (dreary weather blues) and although there has been a few windows of sunshine around the past week the forecast is once again dreary for days. I thought posting an adult Burrowing Owl in flight taken during the summer of 2011 on Antelope Island might help to brighten my spirits as I dream of the sun again.

Forecast for this weekForecast for this week

The graphic above is the forecast for my area this week, IF we are lucky the sun will shine next Monday although experience tells me this forecast is subject to change. Right now the “Pineapple Express” is dumping plenty of moisture on Utah and the surrounding states. We need the snow and we need the rain so I really shouldn’t complain but I wish we’d have a full day of sunshine in between those gray days.

Grumble, grumble.

Back to dreaming of the sun.


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11 comments to Dreaming of the Sun II

  • Oh my. Beautiful, heart-warming image. And, I have the opposite grumble. We are stuck on hot, sunny and dry mode. I long for cooler days and rain….

  • Mia,

    First, that’s an outstanding photograph! I’ve been out looking for mating/nesting Burrowing Owls and they should become obvious within the next few weeks.

    Second, here in the “Sunshine State”, it is raining hard as a severe cold front moves in. It was 80 F this afternoon but by sunrise it will be 35 F! Just trying to help!

    Here’s wishing you sunny days, blue skies and tons of birds in your near future!

  • Utahbooklover

    Yes Patty, our temps in Utah are as much as 10-degrees above normal, a heatwave for Feb. Nice change to see a burrowing owl in flight.

  • JEEEEZ! you’re having a heat wave!!! We’re expecting another “big” storm tomorrow, but, right now, the sun is shining, so who cares how cold it is! I live burrow jig owls, they almost always make me laugh…seldom see pictures of them flying, though.

  • Beautiful photo, Mia. Just a quick note: just about everytime I visit and try to make a comment, I have to repeat filling in the three information fields (Name, Email, Website). Other times, the info is still in there. Any ideas?

  • Wish we had your temps. I am in the Arkansas Ozarks, with snow turned to ice on the ground. 16°F this morning, sunny but it is suppose to be 40°F today.

  • Great photo! Love the positions of the wings, BG and touch of habitat. Not sure about your strategy for getting rid of D.W.B. The contrast between then and now could make it worse! Perhaps showing shots taken in even worse conditions (if they exist) would help. Raining here. Hourly forecast for more rain all day. But some sun may appear tomorrow.

    • Dave, I am not sure of my strategy either! I do have plenty of images taken in worse conditions so perhaps tomorrow I will post something gray and yucky! :-)

      I hope you get sunshine tomorrow and see plenty of birds.