Red Knot in early morning light

Red Knot in nonbreeding plumageRed Knot in nonbreeding plumage – Nikon D200, handheld, f5.6, 1/640, ISO 320, Nikkor 80-400mm VR at 400mm, natural light

A simple image of a Red Knot taken in Florida in early morning light. Morning has been; and is, my favorite time of day to photograph birds and other wildlife because the rising sun can add drama and a warm glow to whatever subject I am photographing. I was laying on the wet shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico when I photographed this Red Knot in nonbreeding plumage.

Red Knots are a species on the edge of extinction, their numbers are rapidly declining and collectively we need to do everything we can to ensure the survival of these shorebirds.


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