Great Horned Owl fledgling

Great Horned Owl fledgling perched in a granary windowGreat Horned Owl fledgling perched in a granary window

Fluffy Great Horned Owl fledgling + knotty weathered wood + large yellow eyes = Wonderful!

It isn’t likely that I will have any new images of Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) fledglings this year because they breed so early in the season so I thought I would post one from two years ago that was taken in Glacier County, Montana while it perched in the window of an old granary that is wickedly lopsided. I’m most likely at that same location today (this post was scheduled ahead of time) trying to locate the adult owls.

I adore owls; especially juveniles, old barns, homesteads and granaries so this image always makes me smile when I see it.


*I am away and this post was scheduled ahead of time, please feel free to share with your friends & family.

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