If only…

Male American Kestrel with preyAmerican Kestrel male with prey – Nikon D200, f6.3, 1/1500, ISO 400, +0.3 EV, Nikkor 200-400mm VR with 1.4x TC at 400mm, natural light, not baited, not a set up

If only… this American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) had turned more my way when it lifted off with its prey.

If only… I would have had more shutterspeed to freeze the wing action.

If only… I would have been closer or had more focal length so this would not be a large crop.

Those are just some of the frustrations that bird photographers go through.  But with each “bad image” I create I review and see what I might have been able to change to get a better shot and the next time I am presented with a similar situation I can recall those thoughts and quickly change my settings, angle or location.  Taking the time to review my “bad images” strengthens me as a photographer.

Live and learn!


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